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Our entire team is made up of dedicated professionals
Board of Directors

Our Board members bring different experience professionally and are very committed to social change.

Anna Kongyuy-Lainer- Chair

Anna, has been working in the health industry for more than twenty years, with a strong focus on womens health,family and tropical medicine.She bring in years of the following experience: management,entrepreneurship, leadership and training as well as practical nursing and midwifery.Anna, is excited to serve on the B.I.E.S Board, to support vulnerable families and individuals in need, and to help build a more inclusive community. She speaks English, French and German.

Dr.Marina Dynakonova- Secretary

Marina Dyakonova, PhD, was born in Astrakhan, Russia. She moved to Canada with her family in 2010 and has been a resident of Surrey since. Ms. Dyakonova has almost 10 years of teaching experience teaching English as a foreign language and as well as Theoretical Linguistics. For more than 6 years Marina had been doing research in Comparative Linguistics which culminated in a PhD awarded by the University of Amsterdam in 2009. Having lived and worked in various countries in Europe and former Soviet Union, she acquired solid multicultural awareness. Since her arrival in Canada, Marina has been working as an interpreter and ESL instructor. Currently, she teaches LINC 8 at Surrey English Language Centre. She is also a volunteer interpreter for Canadian Red Cross (First Contact Program). Language barrier is one of the major, if not the biggest, challenge that new immigrants have to face. Marina strives to help newcomers to become successful members of the community through providing professional language services. However, she is also eager to explore other ways to make our community a better place for everyone. This sparked her interest in the work of Baobab Inclusive Empowerment Society. By becoming a Board Member of Baobab, Marina hopes to make a valuable contribution to the excellent services provided by the organization.

Afanyu Semuye

Sergius Semuyeh Afanyu, have a BA in Sociology and Anthropology and a Diploma in Social Service Worker. He has eight years of teaching experience in China,He is currently works with Horizons for Youth Shelter in Toronto as a Youth worker. Further, he has many years of voluntary experiences in community agencies. It has always been his pleasure to be part of a helping hand in the society and to promote social justice, create equality in life and freedom of speech which are the basic entity in the charter of Human rights.He is interested in being a board member of B.I.E.S because it is an emerging organization which has a lot of diversity in its staff and potential to help youths and promote social justice. Afa, speaks Mandarine, English and French.

Sameer Jaffri

Sameer, owns a small business for years and is very passionate about issues facing the most vulnerable families and individuals in our community. He is interested in serving Baobab, because its represents a particular demographic in need. He speaks Panjabi and English.

Marva Vidal

Marva, brings in years of experience in health and has been board member in several organizations. She has a strong compassion for the community, fundraising and social justice.She is very friendly, loves to cook, share ideas and speaks English.

Lindsay Bissett

Lindsay Bissett is a 2nd generation Canadian who has a background in the financial industry. Currently Lindsay works as a Community Investment Specialist on Vancity’s Branch Impact Strategy Team. The main focus of her work is Vancity’s Community Project Grant program in which she facilitates granting Shared Success dollars to Cooperatives, First Nations and Non Profits in the categories of Social Justice and Financial Inclusion, Cooperative Economy and Environmental Sustainability. Lindsay has also been involved in granting though Vancity’s Envirofund Local Food Project Grants; a program that addresses growing concerns about disappearing farmland, depleted wild salmon populations, inequities in food distribution, the rise of a fast-food culture and the carbon footprint of food.

Building healthy communities and enabling others to succeed is a passion of hers and you can often find Lindsay teaching financial literacy, attending or volunteering at various events that promote diversity and inclusion and lastly she has been nominated alongside her employer for a Provincial Nesika Award and a Safe Harbour Award for her work on diversity initiatives. Lindsay hopes to be a valuable asset to the Baobab team with her finance industry experience, grant evaluating and project analyzing skills.

To contact our board email: board at baobabinclusive.ca and for our financial statements go to CRA-Charitable Returns.

Our board and program participants wish to thank the following funders: The Provincial Government of British Columbia, Vancity Community Credit Union, Fortisbc, Service Canada, Shopper Drug Mart Life Foundation, S.F.U.T-D Engagement Centre, Surrey Food Bank, Jump Start, City of Vancouver CitizenU.


Board of Directors

Our Board members bring different experience professionally and are very committed to social change.

Dr. Randband, Dr.Marina, Anna, Marva.

Our Board members bring different experience professionally and are very committed to social change.

Lindsay Bissett

Lindsay Bissett is a 2nd generation Canadian who has a background in the financial industry. Currently Lindsay works as a…

Afanyu Semuye

Sergius Semuyeh Afanyu, have a BA in Sociology and Anthropology and a Diploma in Social Service Worker.

Staff Volunteers



Our entire team is made up of dedicated professional staff contractors and 80 % Volunteers who have the compassion to serve the community!!!

Felix Kongyuy, Chief Executive Officer

Felix, BBA, CCDP, MEPA Candidate, comes with a broad educational background in Child,Youth and Family, Career Counselling, Fundraising, Education,Technology, Health, Community Development and Strategic Planning, just to name a few. Felix, brings in years of experience in the Non-profit and Business Sector as a perfect blend. He has served in small and large companies as Coordinator, Supervisor, Manager, Director and Founder. Felix, is also a small business owner and someone very passionate about helping small business owners. He has been part of several community led initiatives in Canada, Europe and Africa. Felix, believes that extra-ordinary things can be done by ordinary people if they are included and empowered.

He Speaks English, French and German.

Emmanuel Shamatutu, Career Counsellor and Job-developer

Emmanuel is a successful career consultant with over 20 years+ experience teaching and facilitating job search programs. An energetic, motivated, and independent individual with proven record for increasing customers service: Able to work as part of a team, and to lead and motivate co-workers; multi task oriented, capable of prioritizing, delegating and staying focused on providing superior results. Mr. Shamatutu has demonstrated success in career, empowerment, learning/development and Vocational Rehabilitation field. Mr. Shamatutu has worked at Douglas College, Sprott Shaw College and University of Edinburgh in Scotland as vocation guidance instructor. A registered MBTI, Rehabilitation Professional (RRP) Mr. Shamatutu earned Master’s degrees at, Regent College, British Columbia, and undergraduate degree from Tyndale University in Ontario. Mr. Shamatutu has also Provincial Instructors Diploma from Vancouver Community College.

Mr. Shamatutu has extensive experience in assessing clients’ relevant skill strengths and needs and interpreting standardized intelligence, personality, vocational, aptitude and interest tests. He has expertise in assisting clients with special injuries regarding résumé preparation, job interview skills and job search strategies. He goes an extra mile to make available to them a wide range of occupations. He has developed an extensive network of community leaders and employers. He is very skilled in developing individualized education and intervention plans based on special needs of each client to facilitate their re-adaptation into the work force. Mr. Shamatutu works with multi barriered client’s to develop suitable return-to-work and vocational rehabilitation plans.

Profession and community groups on which Mr. Shamatutu has served include: North Shore Disability Resources Centre, Community Volunteer Connections, Cross Cultural Educator for Centre for Intercultural Learning, Ottawa .Mr. Shamatutu is a registered active member of VRA Canada Mr. Shamatutu continually searches for new and better ways to help clients achieve more meaningful, satisfying, and productive lives

Tim Liu, Inclusive Technology

Tim Liu, Dipl.Tech in Computer Information Technology, B.Tech in Network Security and Administration, and brings in years of experience in Modern Technology, Cyber Security, Networking, E-Commerce and Marketing. Tim, has been part of several innovative projects with small, medium and large businesses and governmental organizations in Canada. Tim speaks English and Mandarin.


Samah Bek, Youth outreach

Cindy Gan, Inclusive Sports facilitator

Rey Inimgba, Inclusve Sports Coach

Yamba   Eugene, Inclusive Sports Coach

Cam Tram, Inclusive Sports Certified Coach

Cam Lam is a father of three children. He currently work as a head cook, serving western, Greek, and Italian food. One of his hobbies is sport, especially playing soccer. He started play soccer at the age of 7 years, in schools, and at junior football clubs. He immigrated to Canada in 1990 and continued playing soccer until now. He spends his week days, training his children to play soccer and some other sports, to keep them fit and stay healthy. As a Certified Soccer Coach enjoys teaching and has a big passion of training other kids to be good soccer players and stay healthy.

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