About Us

We serve all in need and uphold professional standards in our service delivery.


BIES aspires to facilitate integration built on trust, accountability, resilience, equality and compassion to address the needs of the disempowered, with respect to all ethnicities and cultures in both local and global communities.


We strive to empower vulnerable families and individuals with multiple barriers in our community through advocacy, education, dialogue, innovation, social responsibility and support for humanity.


Respect: We value treating all individuals as equals and being culturally sensitive in our service delivery.

Empathy: We strive to serve all individuals regardless of means or ability.
Accountability: We value openness and honesty as we manage our resources in a manner that brings maximum benefit to our stakeholders and clients.
Commitment: We serve all in need and uphold professional standards in our service delivery.
Honour: We encourage everyone to believe in their own nobility at Baobab Inclusive Empowerment Society.

What We Offer

Baobab Inclusive Empowerment Society is a registered non-profit society that came about as a result of experienced social worker, human services worker, mental health professionals, Early Childhood Educators, Settlement workers, health professional, career development practitioner, educator, clinical therapist, and non-profit professionals, who saw the need of having a catalyst (BIES), which would empower, spark awareness, include disempowered families and persons with a disabilities in our community.

As a society, we value togetherness, inclusion, respect, empowerment, fostering dialogue, sharing knowledge and supporting the most vulnerable regardless of their age, race, religion or political affiliation. BIES, would strive to serve as a hub for partnerships,inclusion, and multiculturalism.


We are here to support persons with a disability, the most vulnerable who speak English or French and other languages through collaboration, strategic advocacy, specialized support, active inclusion, partnerships, and robust community outreach!

How We Support:

  • By providing valuable work experience to the vulnerable and persons with a disability
  • Building self esteem and confidence
  • Reducing Isolation and cultural shock
  • Encouraging, inclusion, volunteerism and promoting entrepreneurship spirit
  • Organizing events meant to promote integration, inclusion, dialogue, family relationships, healthy lifestyle, community spirit and a sense of belonging amongst the most vulnerable regardless of race, age, culture, religion or heritage.
  • Promoting education, culture, arts, recreation, entrepreneurship, capacity building, communication, technology, health and reduction of poverty by providing common-sense solutions to the most in need!

Why Do We Do It Now

Many organizations offer services which address job needs and settlement, whereas Baobab Inclusive Empowerment Society uses an inclusive strategy, that focuses on empowerment, modern technology, entrepreneurship, communication, innovation, social responsibility, accountability, education and self-sustaining solution driven by proven research and capacity of involved in our programs. B.I.E.S also consider providing skills as vital when delivering services to individuals in our community.

How We Do It

Through our bilingual programmings such as Inclusive Sports and recreation for children, Youth Everlasting Seeds, Women’s Initiative Network, Computer Literacy and English Support, French Literacy, Referrals, Sharp Employment Training, Specialized Employment Program for Persons with a disability, Volunteering services and Free Services to non-profit organization programs!

We sincerely appreciate the generous support of these great organizations listed below. Baobab, couldn’t have¬† come this far without your dedication to the most vulnerable, persons with disabilities and in seeing our strength as a niche and community champion. Once again thank you!!!

Edith Lando Foundation


warm heartsADIDAS LOGO



Baobab Wish to Acknowledge the amazing support of the Provincial Government in British Columbia.

Thank you so much!!! Your contributions have changed the life of Children living in poverty, at risk and hard to reach youths, Women, unemployed individuals, French speakers and those with multiple barriers.  We can do more, please donate using our online system, to ensure more vulnerable families and individuals get quality services at Baobab Inclusive Empowerment Society.

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback in English or French. Register Today!

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