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Dear Community: We here at Baobab Inclusive Empowerment Society require your assistance.

Baobab Inclusive Empowerment Society, is your only Bi-Lingual Organization in Surrey-BC, Serving the most vulnerable and persons with a disability. As a Charity, we strive to empower vulnerable families and individuals with multiple barriers in our community through advocacy, education, dialogue, innovation, social responsibility and support for humanity.

Please assist by donating or sponsor a someone with a disability. Your continued support will allow us to further continue and develop more amazing programs for persons with a disabilities, newcomers, refugees and immigrants in need.We deliver services in English,French,Arabic,and other languages, ask and we will deliver.


Youth Everlasting Seeds- Digital Story Telling

Posted by Baobab Inclusive Empowerment Society on Saturday, October 10, 2015

  • Baobab working for you, The Future is yours 3:21 mins
  • BAOBAB Strength in Unity 00:31 mins
  • Youth Voices HD 1080p Video Sharing 12:16 mins

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